Thursday, October 1, 2015

Studio 5: Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls

I've toyed around with the idea of avoiding the word "toilet", calling them something benign like "paper rolls"...but in the end I just decided to call a spade a spade.  We all use them.  We throw them away ALL the time!  Is there anything more satisfying then turning a throw away item into a treasure? 

Please join me in my creative journey and maybe create your own.

I've been collecting toilet paper rolls for years.  HUGE drawer full.  I had my head.  But last year, in the middle of a renovation, I decided to throw them all away.  So BIG thanks to my neighbors and friends who donated their rolls via my facebook plea once I decided to actually take the ideas out of my head to do them for Studio 5. 
This ubiquitous throw-away household item is a crafter's dream.  Made of chipboard; a sturdy paper product that is easy to cut, yet durable and easy to paint, and it's already in the shape of a roll!  A few creative cuts and you have endless possibilities!

What I didn't realize, until I looked, was how many other crafters have a mind and drawer full of rolls too!  There are some clever, beautiful toilet paper roll projects on the internet and Pinterest.

Here is my take on an already popular paper roll technique (Cross section) and my contribution (Molding) to the world of toilet paper rolls!

You'll need the following supplies:

Toilet Paper Rolls (as well as paper towel, wrapping paper etc...)
Sharp Scissors with a fine tip for detailed cuts
Ruler & Pencil
Variety of spray paints
Hot Glue Gun (not low temp glue gun)
Variety of Brads or other charms/buttons/nail heads.

Cross Section Technique
Flatten out a paper roll.  Mark one length every 5/8" with a ruler and a pencil.  Repeat this on the other length.  Use these marks as a guide to cut the roll into cross sections.  These are the base for so many creative possibilities.   

You'll get seven strips from a toilet paper roll, or twice that much from a paper towel roll.  You'll need 81 strips or 12 toilet paper rolls.

 I created some different shapes by folding a strip in half, adding a bead of glue to create a double leaf piece.  I also pushed one end in a bit, adding a bead of glue to create a heart shape.

You can create your own design or copy mine.  In which case I made 9 heart shapes and 8 double leaves.

I used a 10" mirror I bought at Michaels Crafts.  I owe my woodworking friend, Brent, BIG time for cutting a 10" circle from 5/8" thick wood.  The rest was just design and glue, then spray paint.

I did end up glueing large brad heads into design where the pieces intersects.  It emphasized the metal look I was trying to achieve.

I glued the mirror on with hot glue.

Lastly, I hammered in a saw tooth hanger on both ends and hung on a nail. 

Fun piece that is hanging in my family room right now!

I think this would make a cool clock or some word art in the center.

The same technique can be made to create endless designs.  Here's one I found that is HUGE and quite beautiful.  

Or you can create smaller pieces like these pretty snowflakes.  Perfect for decorating or gift toppers.  I added additional hot glue to the top of each snowflake and sprinkled quickly with chunky glitter and some pretty brads.

Molded Technique

This was my attempt at creating something original and it was fun!  This technique is more artsy and creative, so don't attempt perfection, it's really not necessary.  Hey, they're toilet paper rolls, there's more where those came from!

I wanted to create something for the Fall, so decided to create a sunflower.  The basket is my prototype.  It's more of a roadside sunflower, which I still love, but for the wreath I doubled the center for a truer ratio.

These flowers have real impact so you don't really need much more.  Just some simple Burlap ribbon and a dark background to make the flowers pop.

I haven't used a grapevine wreath in a long time, but it really works with these flowers.  Hanging on my door! (because I sprayed them with waterproof paint they can be outdoors).

This is a 2 part flower.  You'll make the center first from 2 paper towel rolls, then the petals are made with 8 toilet paper rolls.  Here are some pictorials that should help.  Let me know if you have any questions.


and then...well I could just go on and on and will one day, but I did decide to make a poinsettia flower.  For no other reason that I wanted to use the Red and Glitter Spray paint I bought.  Pictures for tutorial coming on Saturday...have to start teaching my classes now! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Q's Creative Cards: FOLD'n FLIP

Oh, I had fun with these cards...and you will too!  

I know there are a lot of clever ways to make flip cards, but they always seemed time consuming to me.

So, I'm excited to share these quick and easy flip cards with you.  Everything is ready for you to score and fold...then watch it flip!

Of course, I'm a detail person.  They just make a card special.  Beautiful sentiments, unique charms, yet still clean and simple.

Add shipping if you want the kit delivered to your door.  Otherwise, come to one of 8 classes here in Utah.  Kit comes with a helpful step-by-step photo slideshow to walk you through each project.  Kits also include the printables (all the sentiments) so you can make more cards!  

Fold 'n Flip Cards

I have a second kit (no class, just kit) available for October!  No additional shipping required.

Halloween Hello Kit

Class Schedule

Thurs., Oct. 1           American Fork Senior Center     6 - 8 pm
Friday, Oct. 2            Layton Hobby Lobby                 10am - noon
Oct. 2            Layton Hobby Lobby                 2 - 4pm
Oct. 2            Layton Hobby Lobby                 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Monday, Oct. 5         Sandy Hobby Lobby                  2 - 4 pm
Monday, Oct. 5         West Valley Hires Big H             6 - 8 pm
Oct. 6            South Jordan Hobby Lobby        5:30 - 7:30 pm
Oct. 7             South Jordan Hobby Lobby       10am - noon

What you'll need:

Adhesives:  Roller-type adhesive for putting cards together.  

Dotto or liquid glue for delicate die-cuts.
Foam squares, THIN Foam Squares (I will have some in class) and glue dots (mini and medium).

Bone Folder & something to score with (Trimmer, score pal etc...)

Scissors (long & fine-tipped)

Exacto Knife and seal healing mat

Misc: Distress ink pad: Frayed Burlap and Sponge
Lid (to keep small pieces in), pencil.
Paper piercer & Craft Mat.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  
Feel free to post these pictures to Pinterest


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Q's Creative Class: Halloween Hello!

I couldn't resist these beautiful vintage Halloween images from Graphic 45, so I created a kit featuring them front & center!

They don't need much, but I love how well they took to stickles glitter...3 colors!  It just brings them to life!

Lots of Halloween shapes and sentiments, ribbon, lace, bright colors and probably the cutest charms ever!

...and what is Halloween without a treat?  Three of these projects have room for goodies and the 4th project is a home decor item/luminary, which lights up all those fun details.   You could however, change this to a card.

Halloween Hello Kit

You can add last year's Halloween Kit or Tattered Florals to this order for the additional kit price ($5 less) and not pay additional shipping!

What you'll need for Halloween Hello:

Adhesives: Your favorite strong tape to put projects together, foam squares and glue dots (mini & medium).  Scotch Tape.


Scissors (long & fine-tipped)
micro hole punch and paper piercer.


Stickles Glitter Glue: Black Diamond, Yellow and Orange Slice (or Orange Peel).
Toilet Paper Roll

If you have any questions, please let me know.  
Feel free to post these pictures to Pinterest!

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